MISS SL Paper Couture Challenge

Between RL trips and bad internet connections Brianna’s time online has been very limited this month.  She tried desperately to walk in the Paper Couture Challenge last Saturday but she couldn’t get enough bandwidth to manage to walk  in a straight line.  Now that I am home thought I would share the styling as I did have fun designing it.  The Challenge was used for the Press Presentation  and required us to select a woman in a painting and use that painting as an inspiration while recounting information regarding our RL mission.  This is what Bri planned to share :

Styling Description:

MISS SL Aruba 2016 Brianna Beresford has selected “Maid of Farmland” by Susan Cohen Thompson http://www.art-connects-nature.com/skagit-valley-puget-sound as her painting depicting a woman as the main subject. The painting represents an abstract woman that is related to farmland (farmland preservation is Bri’s passion). She chose to emphasize the purple, red, and green shades from the painting as her outfit colors.
Bri’s gown uses a recycled corrugated cardboard repurposed from a Kraft dress to form 7 layers of ruffles to create a lovely gown that can be worn to the Land Trust Ball. The bodice is the Alyce ruffled top from Marketplace. Brianna chose Vanity Fair hair and her jewelry is fresh from Eclectica “Spring Leaves” head, collar and ring. Her outfit is finished by shoes from [Gos].

Farmland Preservation Mission
Brianna has spent the last 25 years supporting the Land Trust movement to preserve agriculture land for the next generations. The essential tool is the conservation easement where land owners place an easement in perpetuity on their farmland to prevent development. The land trust movement is relatively new but has become essential for communities to control urban sprawl. Land can be preserved for many reasons including conservation, natural amenities, agriculture, historical etc. Bri has worked mainly in the development of the agriculture land preservation movement in her home state helping establish several land trusts and educational programs to encourage the support of agriculture land preservation.
The preservation of agriculture land is critical to the well-being of our society. One phrase says it all ” NO FARMS – NO FOOD”. This is an international concern as well as our urban communities spread into the countryside and deplete our ability to feed our people.

Styling Details:

Gown: Paper Couture Gown
Skirt: (byKraft) Swan dress – tutu pink (recolored, duplicated and sized)
Top: Alyce – Ruffled Corset Top
Underpants: SHIKI-Pants outfit – AMANA- Purple pants (recolored)
Hair: Vanity Hair:Finesse-auburn
Jewelry: Eclectica ‘Sylvan’ Collar, Headpiece, Ring – Spring Leaves; (Yummy) Work Pearls Stud – Peach
Makeup: !MUSA! Eyeshadow Aaliyah Green; *MC* “Falsies” Eyelash; [mock]Bellini lipshine[lip2];{D.A} Lipgloss
Hands: Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands V2.1 – Elegant
Shoes: [Gos] Boutique – Lauren d’Orsay Truffle Collection, Holdups Plain black 90 1 & 50
Skin: Belleza – Yasmin FLF Makeup 2 SK Br