Miss AZUL 2015 Contest TODAY!

Today is the Miss AZUL Contest Final! I am full of excitement and sadness as well, it has been such a great contest, many new friends, learning new techniques, improving my photography skills, and more. Mami Jewell has been so generous, she has provided her magnificent -AZUL- gowns to us every step of the way.

You may watch the entire show on live stream at the following address beginning at 1:00pmslt :


There will be thirteen contestants today and we will walk in the following order – if someone doesn’t crash and get moved – which is always a dreaded possibility in a live show 😦  Since we model alpha order of course I go first – but the walk is a basic out and back so hopefully I don’t mess that up!!!! Here are our finalists: Brianna Beresford, Dixiesweet28 Twine, Dreamlove Resident, Ellendir Khandr, Jamee Sandalwood, Jeanie Waydelich, LeezaKaddour Resident, Maile Michinaga, Mermaid Rubble, Milla Crumb, Shannon Bramlington, Taylor Wassep and YeriakTH Couturier.

Our first walk will feature a Mix & Match with the MESH gown of the -AZUL- Shino design mixed with other -AZUL- gowns for the  styling. The final walk will showcase Mami’s newest creation – Amalia – you will see it on stage for the first time as it has been kept under wraps until the contest today!!

I was in a pensive mood this morning – nervous yet excited – took this quick snap as I pondered the day in my first gown of the event. Please join us on the live stream, the actual event is closed to the public but you can watch us as we compete for the coveted title Miss AZUL 2015.

AZUL Morning


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