Presenting MV♛ UK 2016

Wow it has been a busy weekend!  I was selected to participate in the MVW 2016 competition on Saturday evening, our first styling challenge was on Sunday morning for a preliminary meeting!! The contest is organized a bit differently this year, there were 34 misses selected to compete for 12 finalist positions following our fourth challenge.  I am just excited to have the chance to participate in the contest this year even if it is just for four shows!!  I received the title of MV♛UK – always been an anglophile and I have been fortunate to visit most of the UK except for Wales and hope to include that on my next trip! The picture that I originally submitted to the contest was done by Magissa Denver !  I can share it with you now but my styling info unfortunately is in SL so if you would like it please contact me in world.

Photo by Magissa Denver

Photo by Magissa Denver


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