Tranquil Cafe 7th Anniversary Pictures

The Tranquil Cafe has served SL for over 7 years now beginning on April 20 2008.  It has welcomed many new artists through it’s doors, many who still play in SL.  Brianna’s goal when she began the Cafe was that it be a peaceful, friendly venue that welcomed new artists and provided them a place to get their *act* together.  Originally there was a Tranquil Artist in Residence program where the musician worked with a team that was fluid but often included Magdeleine Rossini, Starla Farella, Ed Lowell, and Bri. Starla would help the new artist create a professional looking avatar, Ed helped them get their sound perfected and Mags would write their promo materials tailored to their musical talents.  Brianna provided them with support on how promote and develop groups and she marketed their shows to fellow venue owners.  While the intense training program has ended new artists still wander in to the Cafe and start their SL music careers with their first performance on the Tranquil Cafe Stage.

Bri started a tradition of taking a picture of each artist when they appeared in Tranquil the first time and publishing them on the walls of the Cafe.  Currently there are 114 pictures of artists who have performed in the Cafe or one of the other Tranquil Venues. Brianna has discovered many of the performers herself just by chatting with new peeps she meets in SL.  Many articles have been written about the Cafe but I think the following one is one of the most detailed and while it’s a few years old history never changes

The Tranquil Cafe has its own website and many of the artists in SL have been recorded by machinimist Robert Little.  The most recent was the newest Tranquil Artist Luciano Lionheart performing for Bri’s 8th RezzDay at the Tranquil Commons – which actually was Bri’s first venue in 2007!!

What does the future hold for the Cafe?  It depends on the new SL viewer and how much change it will require to make the transition. But for now stop by the Tranquil Cafe any time to pick up a schedule of current events or just drop by on Sunday, Monday, Wednesday or Thursday evenings at 5-7pmslt  for some of the best live music in SL.

Many thanks to Skip Staheli for taking these pictures on location at the Tranquil Cafe on the 7th Anniversary!!

Brianna - Tranquil Cafe 7th

Brianna@ cafe tranquil outside 7jpg

7th Anniversary Styling

Jacket: *SoliDea FoliEs* Boheme Jacket
Jumpsuit: Miamai-Blanka Cotton Cherry
Makeup: -Belleza- Yasmin Tan Gloss 3, [:T:] Beauty Marks 1; *MC*”Falsies” Eyelashes
Jewelry: (Yummy) Gold Spikes Statement Earring; EarthStones Katya Bangles – Garden; *{Junbug}* Grecian Goddess Necklace [Gold]
Hands: Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands V2.1 – Elegant
Shoes: [Gos} Boutique – Isabella Sandal – Black
Skin: – Belleza- FLF Brooke Tan R