BOSL Love International Style Hunt Is OPEN til FEB 28!!!

The BOSL Love International Style Hunt continues through February 28 so you still have time to pick up these great outfits. The cost is only 25L per box and more information is available at

I am amazed that I finally got all of the items sent to me by the creators involved in the BOSL Hunt blogged herein.  It seemed a daunting task and wasn’t sure I would get it finished.  I nixed the idea of only posting a few select outfits.  If you look at these creations there isn’t a one that doesn’t deserve to be blogged and I just had to do them all.

I learned a few things about blogging – it’s impossible for one background and one hairstyle to work for every outfit – I finally had to change the shade of pink on the Love prop in order to adequately represent some outfits.  I also learned that it can’t be done in one day – the time it takes for an amateur photographer to set up every picture was much longer than I had expected.  The creators all donated their outfits to me to be blogged and I am glad that I finally got them all posted before the hunt is over!

The eighteen outfits are all fantastic and hopefully this blog helped connect many SL members to the Hunt to find the items.  To be honest I am the worst hunter in the entire metaverse – you can put it in a box in the front of the store and I still will miss it!  There are a few clues at Earth Nirvana’s webpage about the hunt on the above address.  Many thanks to Earth and the entire BOSL community and Reign Congrejo for giving me this blog opportunity.

Hunt Sign - BOSL_ LIS Hunt (Feb 14)