BOSL HUNT Harambee Gwassi-Kenya Design

This jewelry set is dedicated to unforgettable loves…
The necklace is in antique silver with a bleeding heart and pierced by a knife
with matching earrings. The Jewelry set is ☑ Modify & ☑ Transfer
so you can make a gift with a unique message: “Never forget me”

Creator: Loredana Loring


BOSLHarambee Gwassi-Kenya Design

Necklace: *Never Forget Me*
Earrings: *Never Forget Me*
Hair: Vanity Hair::Worrisome Heart
Make Up: [mock] Triumphant eyeshadow; [:T:] Beauty marks 1; *MC* “Falsies” Eyelash, – Belleza Yasmin SK BLush; -Belleza- Yasmin SK Gloss 3
Skin: -Belleza-Yasmin SK 6 Br