MVW 2015 BODYART Challenge!!

Brianna's Bazaar

Since the idea of anything piercing my skin has always been anathema to me in RL or SL this was truly my greatest challenge so far!! I had to first decide what kind of art I wanted to represent in my interpretation and after a short perusal of marketplace I decided it would be flowers with a butterfly to drink all of their nectar! ( he is on my back but you have to look very closely to see him )

Dressing with tattoos was a new process, I realized quickly that the order they were placed on and the shading was critically important to the final design. To cover up my private bits I chose a bikini from Prism which did the trick and blended in well with the gold lilies! The tattoos are from many vendors and artists including: Juny Masala, Letis Tatoo, Real Tattoo, and Lil Minx…

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