MVW 2015 BODYART Challenge!!

Since the idea of anything piercing my skin has always been anathema to me in RL or SL this was truly my greatest challenge so far!! I had to first decide what kind of art I wanted to represent in my interpretation and after a short perusal of marketplace I decided it would be flowers with a butterfly to drink all of their nectar! ( he is on my back but you have to look very closely to see him )

Dressing with tattoos was a new process, I realized quickly that the order they were placed on and the shading was critically important to the final design. To cover up my private bits I chose a bikini from Prism which did the trick and blended in well with the gold lilies! The tattoos are from many vendors and artists including: Juny Masala, Letis Tatoo, Real Tattoo, and Lil Minx. Since I had already undergone the pain of the tattoos decided might as well have a Septum Ring placed in my nose by Swallow!

Brianna’s Body Art is a virtual flower garden and hopefully it will bring joy to all who feast their eyes upon it!

MVW BodyArt

Body Art Styling – Brianna Beresford

Bikini: Prism Life’s a Beach by Journey

Shoes: JD-Cruel Sugar Pink Satin

Hair: Magika [03] Shimmer

Jewelry: [glow] studio If aint got you Earrings (sand); ^^Swallow^^ Bracelet Gems Purple

Skin: -Belleza- Grace C88 Med 2 Br

Makeup: Madrid Solo – Romance Couture – Ava Silver; [mock] Aos si Flowers Purple Masque Lip1; *MC* “Falsies” Eyelashes

Hands: Mayna Baby ..-Nail Polish- Pink Nails


Lil Minx – Orchids Tatto

Real Tatoo – Big Butterly v3 Full Back Up

Juny Masala – tattoo flower body #14 & flower tattoo spring

Letis Tattoo ::Higoi:: mm12016
Septum Ring: ^^Swallow^^ Septum Ring Silver 1


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