We had an amazing two weeks to complete this styling of Myths&Legends for today’s MISS VIRTUAL WORLD 2015 3RD RUNWAY CHALLENGE.  Had we been given four weeks I think mine would still be the same choices!  I chose to explore a bedtime story my grandmother used to tell and fortunately it was an American Legend!!  I will share the info that went to the MVW audience and judges at today’s show:

The Story:

My favorite legend was one my grandmother told when I was a child about two girls who were turned into Goldenrod and the Purple Aster flowers. I decided to research that story to determine if it was a fairytale, legend, or myth.

The story is generally described as an American legend, and I found several variations in the narrative but not the outcome. One features a girl who had beautiful golden hair and the other girl dark hair with blue eyes.  They visited a wise woman who they asked to grant them a wish that they stay together always. They went to sleep and the next morning the hills were covered with goldenrod and purple asters and the girls were never seen again.  My grandmother always ended her telling reminding me that whenever I would see the goldenrod – the purple aster is never far away.

This legend influenced my MYTH&LEGEND styling. Brianna’s hair is golden (Truth Dariela) the dress is purple with a flower trim (Miamai_BL_Shae & The White Armory – Moors of Winterfell – Heather) two hair flowers, gold and purple (OrsiniRed) gently touching forever.

Formal Picture Submission:

Final Myth


Note the interesting difference in the colors of the purple, in my picture it is blue/purple and at the set it shows up as a wine color. I did not mess with the lighting at the show so this is what I suppose the judges saw as well.

Styling Details:

Dress: Miamai_BL_Shae

Sleeves & Gloves: The White Armory – Moors of Winterfell Gown Set – Heather

Jewelry: Cae :: Hedera Earrings and Necklace

Hands: Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands Elegant

Flowers: OrsiniRed Little Goddess Gold Malva Hair I, Gold

Skin: Belleza-Grace C88 Med 2 Bl

Hair: TRUTH HAIR Dariela

Makeup: [mock] Cleo’s Siren Fog and Bella Vetra Flirt

Shoes: Miamai_Shae Shoes

Eyelashes: *MC* “Falsies”