Official MVW Portrait

This has been one crazy week, we have TWO stylings to complete. One is a Picture Challenge and another is a Runway Challenge.  I worked first on the Picture Challenge and decided to find a photographer to take the picture for me as my photography skills are still a bit basic.  When I was working over at Chop Zuey last week I saw a wonderful blog that posted while I was there.  I contacted the blogger, Avalon Chrome, and she agreed to take the picture for my Challenge Photo (this is perfectly legal but not required to be taken by a professional). I wish I could show you the picture now but I can’t divulge what the challenges are to the public until after the pictures are submitted on Saturday at noon SLT time! Anyway I can’t stop admiring it!! The Runway Challenge has had me baffled  I thought it was easy peasy until I got started, one day to go and I still haven’t been able to put an outfit together.  Hopefully I find some inspiration today as I have to put the outfit together, take a decent picture, and find poses and a casual outfit for tomorrow’s rehearsal.

Last week’s Runway Challenge Folklore is on You Tube  I start at 7:46 minutes and am on for about 30 seconds in one pose – remember I was seeing the huge graphic thrown up by the griefer so I was caught off guard and didn’t try to do all of my poses. You will notice that there are tables in front of me with avatars on them in the movie, that was where the judges were sitting, typically there are about 6-8 judges per event.  Their scores are tabulated and we have just started receiving notice of who were in the top ten for the challenges, while I can not divulge others rankings, I will keep you informed on my showings. I didn’t make it on the Photo Challenge but I was included in the top ten for the Folklore Challenge!!

We received the official portraits for the contestants this week.  Enzo Champagne was the photographer and took a great picture!