Official Photography Session

Yesterday was one of those crazy days with RL driving my schedule.  I had to run a friend to the airport and got stuck waiting it seemed like forever before we were ready to go:(  I had made my appointment with the official MVW portrait photographer Enzo Champagne, the owner of CHAMPAGNE Sparkling Couture and had to IM him on Metaverse from my cell to cancel.  When I finally got to the computer I sent him a message and we were able to get the photo shoot done after all. 

I promised to share the total experience of the MVW challenge and that means exposing some of my mistakes and flaws. So here goes my first mistake and hope you all benefit from this reminder!!!!

ALWAYS CHECK EVERY PRIM BEFORE LEAVING THE HOUSE!!!!  I know this is a basic model’s rule and yet I seem to have the tendency to pick at things then forget to give them a close look.  Towards the end of the photo shoot with Enzo I cammed around to take pics from another angle and I saw that my earrings were not completely in my ears – I had been re-sizing them and when i finished I didn’t recheck their fit.  For those of you unfamiliar with SL one of the major challenges a model faces is placing all of the parts of an outfit correctly on the avatar.  I was so embarrassed, I hurried and fixed it and I told Enzo what I had done, he was understanding and assured me he would watch out for it when he finished the photograph. 

So here is an untouched, cropped pic I took at yesterday’s photo session – Enzo’s will be so much better!!


Dress: AlaFolie LOLA

Hair: TRUTH Felicity

Skin: Belleza C88Grace Tan 4R

Jewelry: Chop Zuey Circus Maximus Gold earrings & Necklace