August Miss Virtual World Auditions Today!!!

The August competition was this afternoon and while I survived – SL had to pull some tricks on me.  The crowd was outstanding 75 in the audience and around 40 back stage. While they are on separate sims those numbers do naturally contribute to lag.  Sooooo I checked everything, my mesh attachments and prims and all was perfect – then I TP down to walk out the runway to the Judges Circle.  I have practiced this walk in my sleep and know it well, and when I get down to the staging area there were no steps – to make a long story short – i started derendering prims looking for my guiding mark for the WALK.  I just held my breath and walked.  Then I looked for my pose hud and I had derendered it – Panic set in until I remembered I had a folder with all my poses in it – so I hurriedly found it and while I was a bit slow getting the first pose changed hopefully no one in the audience could tell I was the most nervous model of the day!!  Here are some pics and hope I get good news in the announcement! The first pics were taken prior to the contest because I have learned my lesson to not take any pics until I can crash without ruining my presentation!


Skin: Belleza Grace C88 Tan 1R
Earrings: La Gyo Mirte Earrings Gold
Bracelet: Chop Zuey L’Africaine Cuff Bracelet
Ring: Chop Zuey Fire & Brimstone Ring *
Shoes: [Gos] Boutique Isabella Sandals Black

I took a great headshot prior to the contest and put it in my profile just in case a judge glanced at it so they could see my makeup etc.

MVW Aug_004

Three contestants wore the VRSION gown today!! We all made it look a bit different – the dress is a new design and has been blogged in the last few weeks so it really wasn’t a surprize to see it on two other models!  The following two pics are from the stage at the end of the contest today.


I am third from the left in the front row.


Fifth from left in the full picture