Utopia’s Celine Group Gift

I noticed a lovely dress on a friend today and inquired about it and found out that it was the current Group Gift at Utopia.  Utopia   is a very high end formal wear store that has some of the most luxurious ballgowns in the virtual world. I teleported over and discovered that there is a group fee of 500L to join saby Clary’s Utopia Brand group but I really wanted that dress so I joined!  I think you will agree with me that it’s incredible, I do wear two mesh tops as with only one it’s a bit too revealing for my taste.

I also just purchased a new skin the Claudia skin from Belleza.  This is my first day to wear it, actually I realized this morning I had been running around SL with a demo skin for the last few days so decided it was time to invest !  This skin package includes all of the skin tones in the makeup choice that you purchase, I am partial to SunKissed but on occasion enjoy wearing Medium and Tan. It’s a nice plus to have all the skin tones in the package.  It was 1200L and hope it will enhance my modeling career!!!

Utopia Celine

Ballgown: Utopia Celine Red – includes bracelets

Hair: Exile::Blown Away

Skin: Belleza Claudia SK

Claudia Skin SK

Skin: Belleza Claudia SK

Dress: Utopia Celine Red

Hair: Exile:: Blown Away