Brianna is READY!!

If anything could go wrong with styling the outfit for the Miss Virtual World competition tomorrow it did!  The original ballgown skirt was not a floor length and the invisible layer went down to the ankles, resulting in strange blank legs showing when Brianna walked.  The challenge was finding another invisible layer that permitted legs to show yet fit the bodice and waist of the gown.  This took two days and the trying on of at least 100 if not more invisible layers in inventory.  Last nite was the go/no go decision and finally one fit!!  So that disaster was avoided.  My friend Kaciee who is also in the contest went over to the stage last nite and we figured out how to manage walking the walk and staying in a straight line or I hope we did!!  Now wondering what I will have to deal with tomorrow!! Here is a picture taken this afternoon during modeling practice – no styling information yet but a sneak preview is permitted !!