Ready For Duncan!

One of my favorite performers at the Tranquil Cafe is Duncan Bagley.  He is performing for the first time at the Avilion Misty Tavern in the Avilion medieval role play sim on Saturday March 29 at 11:00amslt.  Check out events to get the LM. I am planning to attend his concert but of course had nothing to wear.  Luckily this morning I was looking at the pics of the people I follow on flickr and saw a lovely medieval period gown picture by Duchess Flux. I did some research and discovered that there is a We Love Role Play sim at Evanda Island/159/44/4002.  I spent some time picking up demos and when I saw this Junbug dress Heidi in Bloom I had to have it  – seemed perfect for a medieval tavern atmosphere.  I hope you will join me in Second Life Saturday at the concert it will be a fine hour of Celtic and maybe some of my favorites!!

I loved the work on this dress so well am including a back view.  Creating clothing in SL requires fine skills that we often take for granted.

* Thanks to May for the time catch – its on my calendar in my time not SL time – I will never ever stop getting them confused 😦


Dress: *{Junbug}* Heidi in Bloom at We Love Roleplay

Earrings: .::DD::. Joy Earrings Bronze at We Love Roleplay




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  1. The show is at 11 AM SLT, not 2 PM. Duncan will be sending out an invite to his group that includes free Medieval clothes and an LM to Avilion’s Misty Tavern.

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