Medieval Role Play

Last nite I went back in time to the role-play sims of Avilion.  I have been a member there since 2007 but haven’t participated actively in many years.  Recently some of my friends mentioned that they were playing there and so I visited one of the premiere Medieval clothing stores a while back and bought a new gown for my visit.  What fun – when I got there one of the musicians in the Tranquil Cafe was reading his poem at the Bard’s Campfire.  I wanted to share my medieval look today and will keep you informed if I decide to add poetry composition to my past times!

I took this picture on location in my favorite park sims Calas Galadhon. A bit of spring is showing there but they plan to close their sims from Feb 1- March 1 to change their seasons.  So if you want to see their beautiful winter build better hurry over soon.


Dress:***The White Armory*** Moors of Winterfell Gown Set Heritage

Hair: ::Exile:: Nikki: Moreno

Location: Calas Galadhon