Third Place in MIAMAI Golden Thread Contest

Just got word today February 10,2014 that Picture 1 won Third Place in the contest. You can see the three pictures in the Miamai sim in the open area.

I am taking pics for the MIAMAI GOLDEN THREAD contest and have narrowed my pics down to three.  One only has to be submitted by January 15 so I can dither around for a few days.  Thought I would see if any one else has a preference.  The numbers on pics do not represent my preferences 🙂

Picture # 1


Location:Calas Galadhon Park

Dress: MIAMAI BL- Shae

Skin: Belleza Holly

Jewelry: RH Engel necklace and earrings, Chop Zuey Pentacostal Set Diamond Bracelet*

Hair: D!va Giz (Type B-4) Rare Gatcha

Picture # 2


Picture # 3


Location: Alabaster Ballroom, Coco Falls


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