Wild Weekend Coming Up

Back from vacation and has been a confusing time with the Chop Zuey contest.  There was a public choice event where all of the finalists pics were placed in the store for friends to vote on their favorite.  I have never been in a voting contest before but have done plenty of voting for friends in the past.  So I begged my groups and selected friends to go vote for me.  They responded so well I took the lead, then the boards wouldn’t work as planned so Wednesday everything got put back to 0.  I debated repeating my request to friends but finally did and they once more ran over to the Chop Zuey store to vote.  As of tonite I had a strong lead but that could change any time.

I need to concentrate on my outfit and jewelry styling and my poses and practice walking all in two days.  I stopped over at the Donna Flora sim where the items for sale all give a certain percentage to help with her health crisis.  I bought more than I should have and hope to get back in today and drop a few more dollars. The Hair Fair ends on Sunday so I want to run over there one more time as well.  When I get done with all this shopping then maybe I will have something to wear on Sunday!!!


Dress: Bliss Sadie Gown Champagne

Hair: D!va Angie

Jewelry: Chop Zuey MVW Daisy earrings

Skin: Glance Lana SK