Photo I Can’t Submit

Well it always pays to read contest submission forms before submitting your entry. I misunderstood the list of jewelry we could wear for the Chop Zuey Girl contest and thought I could add some other pieces of to complement the pic but a clear interpretation discounts the addition of jewelry not on the approved list.  So I don’t want to waste the pic I have grueling photoshopped for hours so will share it here!!!

I did finally make the hair fair and bought way too much hair! One of the new hairs is in this pic!  My RL schedule just keeps bogging me down and next week will be nearly impossible to shoot pics as will be on vacation and limited internet time.


Hair: Hairoin Sparrow

Skin: Glance Lana SK

Necklace:Chop Zuey Epiphany Gld Collar

Earrings: Chop Zuey A Wink and a Jig