Tuesday’s Dress

There are a few dresses in my inventory that I love and are timeless. Tonite’s featured dress is one of those.  I have spent most of the day working in RL but I am getting my shape numbers entered into Exel so I can study the differences and try to do Bri’s shape revision myself.  If that isn’t possible I will find another shape designer to work with yet another version of Brianna before the next contest. Hope to come up with the right formula soon.

I spent some time today signing up for the Hair Fair Demo’s I think I liked it somehow and hope it is showing up here on the blog.  While I was there I wandered the host sim for the sign up poster and found this nice free hair from the frou-frou store there. Enjoy.


Dress: AlaFolie PRECIEUSE

Skin: Belleza Ava SK

Hair: frou-frou Riley Auburn