Today has been a busy day in RL and just got a minute to share my plans for this month. I hope to take pics of at least one ballgown in my inventory each day to help me pick one for the MVW prelims again in August.  I am pledging not to purchase a new one since I probably have a thousand in inventory already 🙂  Oh my shape is changed, while getting my photo taken today by one of SL’s premiere photographers, Skip Staheli,  we reverted back to an earlier version. One thing nice about SL you can always return to a  younger stage if you remember to save your younger shapes.

This dress is a special edition at Purple Moon Creations.  It is their gift to their group for attaining 21,000 members.


Mina Gown Purple Moon

Dress: Purple Moon Creations Mina Gown

Hair: Dura Boys & Girls 34