MVW Preliminary Contest – July 7,2013

Bri pose

Well Murphy was in the audience today and focused on Brianna 😦 She went to the venue this morning and was surprized it hadn’t changed from a farm scene.  So in desperation I found another candidate and asked her where everyone was and discovered that it was at a venue I had never seen before 😦  Well I transported there and was totally blown away by the size of the venue and the steps and the stage and felt like I should probably crash and stay gone til the contest was over 😦  But I didn’t I just did the best I could and wish I had paid more attention in modeling class when they had us running laps 🙂

I was the third model out and the lag was really strong so I couldn’t stop right where I should have but when I stopped I stayed put and did my poses from there, no way was I gonna try to walk any farther and land in the judges laps – one of our group  did just that today!  I had less than one minute to do my poses.  When they gave me the signal to leave I panicked because the traditional way I make a glamorous turn wasn’t possible when you are rounding a corner so I waddled the best I could and headed back up  the two flights of stairs.  I calmed down then because I had made it down and back and no huge catastrophes!

Sazzy was in the audience so we chatted in IM for the rest of the show watching all of the candidates, everyone is beautiful now, SL skins and clothing has improved greatly in 6 years.  When I was a model for Simone one of the original dress shops in SL things were much simpler! Now everyone is glamorous and the dresses exquisite.  Only one other model and I had the same dress on, she had the red and I the turquoise. Next month I will IM her before the contest to make sure we aren’t twins again 🙂

My major faux pas of the show was when we were all called out for a fiinal stand for the judges I decided it was a good time to take pics for this blog.  I had just changed viewers last week and I had not reset all of my options.  One option is *quiet your snapshots*, if you don’t have it on then the camera makes a clicking zzzzz noise when it takes and the avatar smiles after the pic is shot.  Well Sazzy is in the audience watching me and I started snapping pics, her IM starts flashing and she says “why are you smiling?* (models have to look fierce and you can’t be fierce and smile). I couldn’t figure out the problem til I took the next pic and then I realized it was my camera !!!! I hurriedly clicked it off and hope that no one but Sazzy  saw Brianna with her big toothy smile!!

The winners will be announced sometime soon, I will be able to compete again next month and perhaps in September if they have two more preliminary contests.  So stay tuned …..venue