The Day Before


So here’s a peek at the outfit no other details til after the contest!  The last two days have been consumed with hunting for *fierce* poses for the catwalk.  The problem is the dress I chose has aw huge bow on the side, just where my hands in almost every pose also like to stay.  Apparently there can not be a single prim out of place, a piece of fingernail touching the skin (I had to buy another walk as just last nite we noticed my little finger nail was imposing on my stomach a bit).  The pic above is me spending my time jumping from pose to pose, that pic was taken in PosESion.

Sazzy helped me figure out how to use the hud for the poses again I was not doing anything correctly and thought my poses weren’t working so of course I went out and bought more that wouldn’t work.  Now they all work and I have enough poses for the next ten contests!! Nemi stopped by and gave me a look over and I am ready to take a few hours off to rest before the big show tomorrow!!!