Shopped Too Much

Shopped Too Much

Card is permanently Stuck ??

Skin: Glam Lana

Eyes: Ikon Ardent Morning

Dress: -tb- Spaghetti Strap Dress

Hair: EMO-tions

Well I have spent the last 24 hours grabbing demos and shopping for shoes, hair, jewelry for the contest.  Finally decided on the dress and will show it to you AFTER the contest.  It is kept underwraps so it will be a surprize when I show up at the contest.  Decided I will do Elegant and Classy not Avant Garde this month.  I will have two more months to do the more outre’ fashion and this month I am just dressing to suit myself !!

I spent nearly an hour in the EMO store hunting for the hair I selected, I literally walked every aisle and was about to give up until a lucky last cam found it!  Then I got my shoes from Gos, one of the best shoe stores in SL.  Gospel Voom is a very old friend and his building has always been superb but he really found a niche when he switched from building sims to shoes!!  After the shoes I looked for any jewelry gift cards and found one from EarthStones, well unfortunately  I can’t remove it now.  I have tried everything and nothing seems to work, with my luck I will still be wearing it on Sunday for the show.  Wonder if I can pass it off as a new hand accessory ?

My next task now is to put it all together and go try to find some poses!!  Will try to find fierce poses for an elegant gown – now that’s gonna be a challenge!!