Brianna’s Preparing for The Miss Virtual World Live Audition

Brianna's New Look


Everyone who is in SL Fashion seems to have a blog, and are continually sharing the great outfits they have created, the great buys they have found and as I embark on my experience with the Miss Virtual World Audition I thought it was appropriate to create Brianna’s Bazaar and share the drama of participating in this event!

First I must note that this is my third attempt to reach the final audition phase of this contest, each year for the last three years I have muddled around and tried to do my best to make it into the contest.  The first elimination is through a submission of a profile picture, then IF selected you get the opportunity  to show your edgey, avant garde, style in a fashion show where the candidates all tred the runway and pose in front of the judges.  My first attempt two years ago did result in reaching the first round of auditions, last year I didn’t make the cut and this year I made the list the second month I submitted.

The first key to getting into the contest is to have a wow picture for the first round judges. I gave up trying to submit my own this year and hired two wonderful photographers to take my pics October Bettencourt for my May picture and Magissa Denver for the June picture.  October suggested that I contact her friend and model Audrey Crespi in world to work on revamping my avatar.  Each year my close friends Sazzy OH and Nemi McCoy, top models and veterans of the Miss Virtual World Contest, have helped me with posing and selecting outfits and have tried to convince me to get a makeover. Finally this year I decided to go all the way and let Audrey recreate Brianna much taller and *fierce* as is required for top virtual models.  You can see the progression of Brianna’s look on her Facebook page or on her flickr site. All of the first round pictures an be viewed at the following site 

I was busy  in the Tranquil Cafe when the notice came, I never expected the call and I whooped and jumped up from my computer and you would have thought I won the lottery!! Well after the excitement I faced the reality of finding an outfit, selecting poses, practicing my walk and posing and turns etc.  I am in complete panic mode and rather than deciding what to wear which has to be the first step I decided to write this blog 🙂  I hope to keep you posted as this journey continues.